ETZ125/150 & Saxon Roadstar/Sportstar 125 Electronic Ignition

Haynes Manual - ETZ Models 125/150, 250, 251/301


Sensor ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Rotor ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Spark Plug Cable - Black PVC with copper core - 600mm


Ignition Pulse Generator ETZ125/150

Out of stock

Stator housing ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Allen Head Screw M7 x 90mm - For contact breaker Ignition systems ONLY

Not for use with PVL ignition

Out of stock
Stator ETZ125/150
80 50 508

Stator ETZ125/150

Out of stock

PVL Rectifier/Regulator Unit

Out of stock

PVL Pick up sensor complete with signal.

Please NOTE these are a discontinued item, no longer being manufactured by PVL.

We recommend fitting the Powerdynamo Ignition sensor as a replacement.

Out of stock

PVL Electronic Ignition Rotor - ETZ251, ETZ301, Sportstar/Roadstar 125


Replacement electronic ignition and coil unit for all 12V 2-stroke ETZ125/150, ETZ250/251/301 motorcycles.


12V replacement regulator for ETZ 125/150, ETZ250, ETZ251/301 machines fitted with seperate rectifier unit.

Replaces Electro-Mechanical Unit 95-19.530 (8146.2) ONLY

Manufactured by Bosch group.

Full fitting instructions provided

Please email or call for further information


Mechanical voltage regulator 8146.2 - 12V ETZ original DDR

ETZ125, ETZ150, ETZ250, ETZ251


Spark Plug - NGK B8HS


Spark Plug - NGK B7HS

A hotter running plug for winter use and less prone to fouling in urban use.


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