ETZ125/150 & Saxon Roadstar/Sportstar 125 Crankcase

Bearings Set (7-Piece) for ETZ125/150, Saxon 125 Roadstar, 125 Sportstar

Please NOTE: These are are high quality SKF boxed bearings. We DO NOT supply cheap budget bearings unlike some of our competitors.


EM 125 c/w rev.counter & oil pump ETZ125/150

Out of stock

Crankcase (mech. rev counter) complete ETZ125/150

Out of stock

Sealing Washer 8x14mm - clutch cover drain plug

ES/ETS/TS 125/150, ES175/2, ES250/2, ETS250, TS250, ETZ125/150


Dowel pin 3x36 ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301, ETZ250

Out of stock

Bush for layshaft ETZ125/150

Out of stock

TS250/1 Supa 5, ETZ125/150, ETZ250, ETZ251/301 - Contact for Neutral Gear Indicator 8606.1


ETZ 125/150 Gasket and O ring kit - all the gaskets, O rings and crush washers for an engine overhaul


Gasket for left sealing cap - ETZ125/150

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