ETZ 251/301 Accessories

Haynes Manual - ETZ Models 125/150, 250, 251/301


Simson Neck Warmer - Blue/White


Headlamp Fairing ETZ125/150, ETZ125/301, Saxon500R




Side stand complete c/w carrier ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Mounting Kit for Headlamp Fairing ETZ125/150, ETZ125/301, Saxon500R

Out of stock

Carrier with bearing stand ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Bracket ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301, Saxon500R x1


ETS250, ES/TS250 & TS250/1, ETZ 125/150/251/301 -  For 16" wheel machines with 38mm wide mounting boss/wheel spacer

Out of stock

Front Clamp ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301, Saxon500R x1


Bearing Sleeve ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Rear Clamp ETZ125/150, Saxon500R x1


Stay for carrier compl. ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Holder (right) ETZ 125/150, ETZ251/301, Saxon500R x1


Holder (left) ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301, Saxon500R x1


Side carrier for Luggage ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Hand protectors complete ETZ125/150, ETZ251/301

Including mounting kit


Holder for Topcase ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Side case tour 26s ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Side case tour 32s ETZ251/301

Out of stock

Distance Sleeve - ETZ 125/150, ETZ251/301, Saxon500R x1


Catch and Lock for Pneumant Panniers x 1

Pannier Case 32 Litre x 1
16 30 160 7470

Pannier Case 32 Litre x 1

Re-manufactured in Germany to original Pneumant design.

Complete with locking mechanism

Pannier frames not included.

Price for one pannier only, not a pair of panniers

Delivery time of approx 3 weeks after order received & paid for.

Out of stock

ETZ 125,150,250,251/301 ES/ETS/TS 125/150, 250,250/1 - C Spanner for exhaust nut


Wheel Rim Protector x1


Repair kit for sidecar brake master cylinder (gaiter, cuff, sealing ring)


Sidecar wheel brake cylinder repair kit (bellows, cuff)

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