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Jawa/CZ - Single Cylinder Motorcycles - 12V/150W

Product code (SKU):  353 61 799
In stock: yes
Weight: 3.7 kg

Powerdynamo Ignition System "353 61 799" comprises of a 12 Volt alternator/electronic ignition system specially designed to fit the following machines:

Jawa - 11/353/355/356/559/590
CZ - 450/455/470/475/477/482/485/487

This is a alternator based system with fully integrated electronic ignition. The output from this alternator is 12V/100W DC linked to a solid state ignition with own power supply from within the system, completely replacing the original dynamo, points, condenser and ignition coil.


If required, you may drive without a battery, using a large capacity condenser in place of the battery. There is no need for any alterations to be made to the engine casings during the fitting of this system. This 12 Volts system supports the charge control light.


  • Advantages over the original dynamo based system include:
  • All the ignition parts on your classic motorcycle are brand new
  • More powerful headlamp output for safer riding
  • Very stable ignition with a high output spark
  • Easier starting with a more efficient fuel burn leading to greater economy
  • Compatible with models fitted with Amp meters
  • No trouble anymore with setting points EVER !!!


Each system ships complete with fully illustrated fitting instructions in English.

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